Travalaa TSA Security Lock

RRP: $9.97

  • Key Combination Travel Lock
  • Allows airport screeners to unlock, inspect and relock luggage without damaging the lock
  • Unique code-resetting function: easy to operate and easy to reset the combination
  • High Security Zipper Lock
  • Accepted & Recognized by TSA, the standard required for travel in some countries

Keep Your Luggage Secure Whilst Meeting Security Requirements

For our own safety there are heightened security checks as we travel nowadays. Many countries require access to your luggage for security screening even when you are not there to unlock your suitcase.

In the past this would mean that if your bag was selected for screening then they would break the lock to gain access. These days there is a new standard called Travel Sentry Approved (TSA) which means that locks which conform to these standards allow approved TSA screeners access to your bags without damaging your locks.

Our Travalaa TSA Security locks conform to these standards to give you peace of mind.

Forget about your Bags and concentrate on the Journey

Our High security Travel locks are made with high quality Zipper locks which once locked will ensure the security of your luggage until you enter the combination to access them again. This allows you to forget about your bags and concentrate on creating memories and watching the world go by as you travel to your destination.

In fact our security locks can be used for any purpose, around the house, at work, anything that needs to be locked down.