Travalaa Neon Luggage Straps - 2 pack

RRP: $9.97

  • Two piece Luggage Strap set
  • Bright Neon Color allows you to spot your luggage a mile away
  • Made of quality material to last a lifetime of travel
  • Make your Suitcase stand out from everyone else's
  • Measures 1.5" x 81"

Spot Your Suitcase a Mile Away!

Our Neon Luggage Straps are the perfect companion to our neon luggage tags and are designed to help make your luggage stand out so that you can spot it a mile away. Next time you're waiting at the luggage carousel everyone will be dazzled by your's riding around and you won't miss it!

Available in three dazzling neon colors, Green, Pink and Yellow, you will instantly recognise your suitcase even when standing in busy airport queues and check-in lines.

Yet another way we've found to help you focus on creating memories on your journey with hassle free travel.