All about Travalaa

People don't take trips... trips take people.

Whether you are setting off to explore the world by yourself, going on a family holiday with the kids or simply being sent to a new exciting desitination on a business trip, travelling is where memories are created that will last a lifetime.

Those memories will be spoken about for years to come and so you should keep your eyes open and make the most of every minute of your time travelling soaking up all of the experience possible.

Thats why at Travalaa we aim to make your journey hassle free, taking away the stresses that may present themselves, so you can just sit back and watch everything that goes by without a care in the world.

Our Values

We are a passionate team of "Travalaas" who are constantly looking for new product ideas that can help make the journey of a traveller less stressfull. As a company we strive to follow these key values

  1. Customer Obsession
    Customer Trust is our priority and our promise is to deliver excellence in both our products and our customer service so that you remain a loyal customer of ours for years to come.
  2. Innovation
    We strive to innovate and simplify products that will make a travellers journey easier.
  3. Style
    We want Customers to love our products like we do and our design philosophy is "modern and good looking" - you'll be proud to show that you own Travalaa products.
  4. Value
    Our products will deliver value for money.
  5. Insist on the Highest Standards
    We will not compromise on quality - our products are manufactured to the highest quality.